About HSH by Hashstoria

Above all else, HSH by Hashstoria is a family. Not literally, of course, but we are all connected by a pretty simple thing: the positivity we derive from our love of for a truly magical flower.

Our shared experiences—the ones that spring from this amazing, unifying plant—led us to create a fresh, modern lifestyle brand, concocted and curated by our founding Family member Raekwon “The Chef” from Wu-Tang Clan.

Culture has changed, and it’s always changing. It’s being lifted by people like Raekwon and other creators, experimenters, and explorers. Herb helps bring out their “superpowers” by relaxing and inspiring their minds and elevating their experiences in the world. We’re hoping to do the same thing with our brand, our products, and you…our Family.

Like the beautiful plant we celebrate, HSH will come in a wide array of looks, feels, and flavors. You might see a Limited Edition hoodie with ice cream cones all over it inspired by our exclusive brand, Raekwon's Ice Cream Dreams, and then a series of custom lighters designed by international artists. The point is, as part of our Family, you’ll begin to expect the unexpected. Life's more fun without rules!

Of course, you can always buy our stuff at physical stores in Oregon, but www.hshgear.com gives Family all over the globe a chance to elevate and enjoy.

If you have any questions or suggestions, reach out, we love hearing from our family!